Home Lockout Service

Locked out of house - Home Lockout Serice

C Approx response time: 0 hr 15 min C Approx service cost: $60-$135
We have partnered with emergency locksmiths who are available across many locations so they can easily arrive at the emergency within 15-30 minutes.

Locked out? We offer 24 hour home lockout services.

If you misplaced or lost the keys to your home, locked out of your house, or broken your key and can’t open your front door, you have found the best solution to your problem! 24-7 Fast Locksmith is ready to respond fast and we usually arrive within 15 minutes. There is no reason to call the police or the fire department, our house lock out experts can unlock your door and get you back into your home, apartment or condo and bring back your peace of mind.

Join our thousands of satisfied customers to enjoy our house lockout service specials and emergency home locksmith services. Our expert techs are standing by and can typically arrive at your place of choice anywhere in the area and nearby within approximately 15-20 min. We are here for you 24/7 rain or shine.

Residential Home Lockout Methods

When a professional locksmith arrives to your home, he will use one of the following most common door unlocking methods:

1. Locksmith Pick tools

The commonly known complete kit of pick tools, used by an expert local locksmith, is an excellent, lock – safe method  for house lockout and unlocking most of residential and office door locks. Of course, it is not as easy as every scenario is different , but a professional locksmith may be able to unlock the door usually within a few minutes. Please keep in mind the home lockout situation is different from office lockout since the type of lock are used are most of the time different.

2. Using a Bump key

This bump key is a special cut type of key and is used to unlock over 70% of all house lockouts in the US. It can be used to unlock Kwikset and Schlage key ways locks so it is a very common way. Unfortunately, not every locksmith will cary the proper tools in order to use this method. Bump keys are only good when the lockout is as a result of a regular lock, not high security locks. High security lockouts are more complicated to solve and most of the times are pick and bump key proof. When this happens you will require to damage the lock and install a new one.

3. Drill open the lock

This method is mostly used as the last resort. A professional locksmith shouldn’t use this unless he tried all other option mentioned above. Keep in mind, once you drill the lock, the door will require a new lock to be installed.